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"I mean, he’s a got a million more right, he won’t miss one right… right?"

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"I’m sure that’s not the only thing it does," he muttered before placing the bottle down gently. "Why are there so many bottles?”

"Helps me sleep, I used to be a soldier too." In his own right anyway." It’s the only comfort I got after I found myself unable to continue my services. So yeah, now I’m just a drunk cargo hauler. Speaking of, did any one order a weapons shipment recently? I’ve got a few crates of blaster rifles in the hold."

Tales from the Logbook ~ The Tale of Tobias Flynn Act I Part VIII

Tobias’ moves were sloppy, uneven, impaired, and he hadn’t even had a drink today. Cal swung his red blade swiftly, the blade streaking across his vision while making it’s humming sound with each swing, each miss.

Cal eventually brought his hands up, aiming to swing the blade down and cleave the drunk in two. Tobias reached up, and help Cal’s arms in place. Though the blade had been stopped, Cal managed to use his momentum and push Tobias against one of the guards on the bridge, using every ounce of strength he had and the power the force afforded him, he intended to bring the blade down on Tobias.

“What’s the matter?” Cal hissed, a grin spreading across his face revealing his fangs.”Is that handle on your belt just for show? Jedi?”

Tobias arched his head back, his eyes clenched shut, and then brought his head forward, colliding with Cal’s forehead. This stunned the Gamallian, long enough for Tobias to bring one of his legs up and thrust it at the Sith, hitting him in his the stomach, pushing him back into the other guard of the bridge.

Cal regained his bearings, shaking his head and holding his blade up. The push had caused his hood to fall, revealing his head of messy silver hair, and the purple and blue skin of the Gamallians.”Impressive, but is that all you can do?” Cal taunted.

Tobias took a few steps back, it was like staring into the eyes of his old friend, the eyes of Lyon, like on Christophsis, in that facility, the golden irises, surrounded by blood red corneas. Another Gamallian? There were more survivors? Besides Cody?

Tobias was about to turn and run when he felt his arms tighten against his sides, like an invisible hand had taken hold of him and was gripping him tightly. He sound felt himself get pulled up, and then brought back down like a hammer. Grunting as he felt his body collide forcefully with the metal flooring.

This repeated at least five times as Cal used the force to lift Tobias off the ground and then smash him back down into it.

Tobias howled, blood dripping from his nose and his mouth as he fought against the grip he was in, thrusting his hand out against Cal’s hold. His mind was on fire, his head felt like several drills were boring into his skull from all sides. And the pain only worsened, as he felt himself reach out and grip a table from a nearby stall.

The table flew over and collided with Cal, breaking on impact and breaking Cal’s concentration.

The hold on him was gone, but now Tobias was furious, a rage was coming over him, one he had not felt since…


He tried to suppress it, the memories, the voices, the pain.

He raised his hand again, this time, Cal felt an invisible hand gripping his entire body, squeezing, crushing him. Cal groaned, he struggled to get loose, using the force to weaken the hold on him.

He soon felt himself get pulled forward. He tried to thrust his saber forward, but the distance between him and Tobias was too great for him to reach with his limited mobility.

“Leave me alone!” Tobias growled, a hand clutching his head while the other one still stretched forward.

With a swing of his arm, Cal went flying, colliding with a speeder before descending into the depths of Nar Shaddaa.

Tobias watched him fall, then felt it all flooding back to him.

Everything, memories, screams, pain, death, chaos, turmoil, evil, violence, blood, break, smash, kill!

Tobias gasped as he made a hasty return to reality, turning around, he picked up the box of leftover breakfast, and ran, pushing his way through the crowd and running back to his flat.

*          *          *

Cal managed to stick the landing on another speeder after falling a good distance, the driver, a dug, made an obscene gesture at him and swore in huttese, only for Cal to simply reignite his weapon and thrust the blade into the cockpit, killing the four armed creature.

Jumping off the now driverless speeder, Cal landed on one of the platforms and looked up to the bridge he had just been thrown off of. A smirk on his face.”He’s the one… I want him!” He sneered, then turned and walked away.

*          *          *

Tobias opened the door to his apartment with the usual screech. Cody was sitting on the arm chair still, holding his stomach and looking to Tobias expectantly. “What took you so long.”

“It took a while for me to get back… here, leftovers.” Tobias said, dropping the box on the table, his whole demeanor was unstable, like he could snap at any minute.

Cody was oblivious to this, more focused on filling his stomach, the Gamallian boy rushed to the table and opened the box, almost immediately disgusted by the contents, how could anyone eat this?

Regardless, he began to eat what was in the box, it tasted better than it looked or smelled, but it was still pretty bad.”You were looking for someone to sell me too weren’t you.” Cody blurted out, still suspicious of his host.

“I don’t sell people, I’m not a slaver.” Tobias growled, defensively.

“Touchy…” Cody grumped, eating more of the leftovers.

Tobias tried wiping some of the blood from his face, he could feel every fibre of his being, like he was on fire.

“How’d you get beat up? Pick a fight with a bouncer or something?” Cody asked, a little concerned once he saw Tobias drop a blood soaked rag on the floor.

“It’s nothing, mind your own business.” Tobias hissed.

“Nothing doesn’t bleed that much, what happened?” Cody asked, now worried.

Was it the Sith? Did they follow Tobias home? Was he luring them here to catch Cody?

Cody was starting to panic, worried that he had been set up. Defensively, he reached for a knife he had on the counter, and ran at Tobias, stabbing him in the side.

Tobias groaned, falling to the ground and clutching his side, pulling the kitchen knife out of himself.

In the confusion, Cody managed to pull the Lightsaber handle from Tobias’ belt, forgetting that the weapon didn’t work.

Tobias then furiously reached up, and with all his anger and frustration, forced his hold on Cody, as if invisible hands were gripping the child’s neck.

“Don’t! Touch! This!” Tobias growled, his eyes glowing gold as he took back the Lightsaber handle.”Don’t ever touch this!”

Releasing the fury of the force he pushed Cody into the wall opposite himself.

Realizing what he had done, Tobias tried to get up.”Oh no, no, I-I didn’t! I didn’t mean to! No, please!” He gripped the sides of his head.

And then he heard it, that laugh, that horrible horrible laugh. The laugh of Tiberius Morcef, echoing in his ears.

And then it all came back.

Tobias fell to the floor, clutching his head and screamed.

Tales from the Logbook ~ The Tale of Tobias Flynn Act I Part VII

Morning came to quickly, a lot quicker than Cody would have liked, but he could guess that morning was just as unwelcome to Tobias, who woke up grumpier than when he went to sleep.

The bottle rolled off his lap, making a tinkling noise as it hit the floor. Tobias looked down, a forlorn expression on his face before blinking twice and yawning. Cody wanted desperately to go back to sleep, as ragged as the chair was, it was quite comfortable, and was possible the best bed the boy had ever slept on in years, considering what he was used to was either the hard floor or a box in the middle of an alley.

Tobias got up and began to walk to the door.”Where are you going?” Cody asked, concerned about the drunk’s intentions.

“Breakfast, you ate the last of the rations.” Tobias stated, pressing some buttons and the door screeched open.

Cody clenched is ears at the sound of the scraping metal.”What about me?”

“I’ll bring back left overs.” He didn’t eat as much as he used to, of course, leftovers usually went pretty fast, Cody would be luck to even get those, Tobias thought.

“You’re just trying to sell me out to Colben aren’t you!” Cody blurted out.

“If I was going to do that, I would have done it yesterday when the droids and dark jedi showed up.” Tobias groaned, closing the door behind him and bombarding Cody’s ears with more screeching metal.

*          *          *

The streets were damp from the rain last night, fetid drops occasionally dripping from some of the rooftops. It didn’t change a damned thing about this forsaken planet. Speeders still sped by, blowing every traffic regulation in the galaxy, brawls would randomly start in the street over something as simple as looking at someone the wrong way.

Tobias exited a small diner, the food looked as awful as it smelled, but it tasted rather wholesome, and as he had said to Cody before, he was bringing home leftovers.

Cal wandered the streets, looking for the man who killed Brussk and Shei’Ar, the crowds were dying off as the breakfast rush ended and then the days illicit activities could begin.

In all honesty, Cal could have cared less about finding the other Gamallian, he remembered well what happened to Tobin’s ancestor and the destruction the hadesium could cause if it wasn’t properly stabilized. Frankly, the only reason Cal even put up with Tobin’s vendetta was because of the power it afforded him.

His knowledge and skill with the force, and his lightsaber ability he all owed to Tobin’s training, as well as his hatred for the Jedi for causing the near extinction of his people. The jedi who had caused the hadesium to explode and destroy three quarters of the mining province on Christophsis. The explosion that took what remained of his people from him, and now, only two remained. Himself, and the boy with Tiberius Morcef’s careful instructions and coordinates engraved on his eye.

Cal paused, crossing a bridge that overlooked a chasm of traffic and more lights on Nar Shaddaa’s twisted planet wide city, but he did not stop to enjoy the view. He smelled disgusting food, in the hands of a more disgusting person, the cloying scent of alcohol about him.

A sly smile crept across the Gamallian’s face, though his features were obscured by the hood he wore, his piercing gold eyes lit up with a bloodlust that had been dormant until finding the scene yesterday.

Tobias stopped, only briefly, the bridge had emptied and only the crowds walked outside of the edges, it was just him and another man on the bridge. Only, he could have sworn he was seeing things. Like fate was playing a cruel trick on him, that he was hallucinating again and the force was once again tormenting his mind.

Had he seen another Gamallian? Did more survive, or was this once again a hallucination, a cruel farce meant to let Tobias believe Lyon was alive.

Cal slipped his hand into his robes, retrieving a handle, and pressed his thumb to the trigger as he gripped the shaft. A beam of crimson bursting from the blade projector with a loud hiss. This got the crowd’s attention as most of them stopped to watch in fear.

Tobias placed the box of leftovers on the ground, and looked for the nearest thing he could use as a weapon. Was this some trial, was he to face his fallen apprentice, or was this some other guy, another one of the dark jedi who were after Cody?

As one of the members of the crowd belched, Cal turned around and rushed at Tobias, his blade scrapping on the ground as sparks flew from where the blade burned into the metal.


"The fire’s dying quickly enough anyway."


"Yeah… hope the Senator won’t miss it."

this speaks to me in so many ways

this speaks to me in so many ways

that is awesome. congrats on completing your college course. *hugs*

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