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"I don’t need your opinion in this debate, Tobias. I am just as skilled as you are. You will follow my lead in this predicament whether you like it or not. Are we clear?" She said with sass in her voice wanting to get her point across. "I do not wish to cause attention and so far you have caused enough of it by knocking out that civilian. I have been trained for various missions unlike yourself so if you don’t follow my lead you will find yourself on Zorba’s bad list and on mine." Wrapping a shawl around her body she sat quietly.


He didn’t care if she wounded up on her bad list, any more of this, and he was half tempted to simply kick her out of the speeder or stuff her in the storage compartment. He never cared much for the Hutts, they paid well, but that was all they were really good for most days.

Shiraya was young and naive, Tobias was very much sure she had no idea what they were getting into with Zorba the Hutt. Tobias had dealings with the Hutts before, and things only ever worked out in favor of the Hutts. If Shiraya thought she was going to bargain for her friend’s freedom, Tobias knew she wouldn’t get anywhere with any Hutt in a debate, especially Zorba.

"Just let me do the talking, you’re posing as merchandise, you’d better act like it." He put his hood over his head and parked the speeder.

Tales from the Logbook ~ The Tale of Tobias Flynn: Act I Part XIII

Something had begun to change in Tobias, and in Rii’A. They were seeing more of each other, even the other lady knights had begun to notice the pair of them, as well as many notable changes in Rii’A’s figure and behaviour.

Until the announcement came that she was pregnant.

The Lady knights were in an uproar, a mixture of anger, joy, anxiety, and other emotions. Tobias’ demeanor to Rii’A was more inviting. They were very much in love, rumors had even begun to spread about the possible union between the ex-jedi and the lady knight.

And then, nothing.

Nothing at all.

One night, Tobias just mysteriously disappeared.

He left no note, no evidence to his whereabouts. He had left his ship behind, that was about the only thing he left behind. This had led the knights to believe that Tobias had not left the planet, but one global investigation later, it was clear Tobias was no longer present.

Rii’A was emotional for the following months, missing her love, and with the day she was to give birth to her child fast approaching, she felt helpless without the Jedi’s shoulder to lean on.

What had gone wrong? What had happened? Why did Tobias leave? What had changed? She had thought he was finally beginning to pull through what had broken him on Christophsis, they were going to be wed, start a family, give him a new life with less suffering and with more happiness. A happy life for both of them.

And  then he just leaves?

The day finally came, she was in the medical center, her sisters from the lady knights all waiting expectantly in the waiting room while only a select few were allowed into the birthing room to offer their support through the delivery.

There was much shouting, screams of anguish, the medical droids asking for calmness as they did their work.

There was silence.

And then a cry.

Just a tiny voice, crying out.

Rii’A held the tiny child in her arms, the baby still crying and making noises as the knight wearily held her baby close in her arms. A beautiful baby girl…

“—nding permit!” A voice interrupted her thoughts

“YT 2000 freighter, present your landing permit!” A gruff voice ordered her.

“Right.” Rii’A left her thoughts behind as things shifted to the present.

A fetid rain spilled onto the planet, it pelted the canopy of the Flying Forge’s cockpit. Rii’A input the landing permit codes into the Forge’s communications array and sent the message to the two guard ships flying around her. After all she paid to get these codes from that dealer, she hoped they would work.

“Code accepted, you can land now.” The gruff voice over the comlink said as the ships broke off their pursuit.

Rii’A continued to track the signal, bringing the Forge in for a landing, she kept her tracker on hand in one of her gauntlets.

A bunch of suspicious looking characters of various alien kinds began to gather around the freighter, probably trying to raid it. The ship was the only other possession besides the lightsaber that Tobias had from his past, it wasn’t like Rii’A was going to let some scavengers loot it. Pushing a button on her console, small turrets extended from the Flying forge and pointed at the group of potential robbers. Firing stun charges, she scared them off.

She exited the ship and put it on lockdown, then began to walk through the docks.

Everything about this planet was repulsive, from all the signage and vids of bar dancers and rusty buildings, to the grimy ground and wicked looking characters that surrounded her everywhere she walked. Rii’A was very much a diamond in the rough on this planet, her polished armor glimmering and standing out amongst all the beggars thieves and smugglers.

This planet was a den of the sinful and wicked. Why here of all places for Tobias to hide? Perhaps she figured he thought she would never come here to look for him. He thought wrong.

Trying to avoid more attention, Rii’A took a tarp from a vacant street vending spot, and wrapped herself in the impromptu cloak. It would definitely draw attention away from herself, that was for sure.

After much walking, a few speeder rides, she had located the source of the signal, just as it had begun to fade, Tobias wasn’t charging his communicator, typical.

She wandered the hallway and arrived at a door. Pushing the button to open it, she was greeted by the painstaking sound of metal scraping against metal and sparks flying from the door.

She entered the room to see a man pushed up against a wall, slumped over as if dead, and a small gamallian boy looking terrified at the hooded woman in the doorway.

Tales from the Logbook ~ The Tale of Tobias Flynn: Act I Part XII

It had almost been a year since Tobias had come to live with the knights. He still kept to himself, mostly.

There was one lady knight who he was often seen with. Rii’A Leoni.

Tobias often seemed, aloof, vacant, a lot of his conversations seemed to dissolve into babble, or he would burst into a violent rage, and only Rii’A could calm him down.

His health, if he even had such a thing, though stable at times, was clearly deteriorating. His coloring was wrong, he was always a sickly pale, and his face, it was almost as if Tobias wasn’t sleeping, at all.

She would see for herself though. Rii’A made it her goal to nurse the Jedi back to health. She wasn’t even sure why though. By all accounts, Tobias was an incorrigible person. His behavior was erratic, sometimes even childish, his tone either blunt, sardonic, or aloof. Rii’A had never once seen the Jedi smile, never once seen him happy. She understood that he had undergone traumas that had completely shattered the man Tobias used to be. She knew about his past as the Jedi Knight, David Antilles, about how he had lived for years under an alias that few ever knew about. All because Tobias hated who he used to be, and thought that by becoming a Jedi, shedding the boy known as Tobias and becoming a famed Jedi named David Antilles, that he would finally gain respect and learn to love himself. And in a bizarre way, David Antilles seemed to be the pinnacle of everything Tobias had hoped to be.

But then David Antilles failed, the idea of a hero failing to save people, it was too much for Tobias to bear. But David Antilles didn’t just fail to save one life, he failed to save thousands.

An entire province reduced to ash because of his rage causing a mining facility to erupt in an explosion caused by unstable ores.

A dying race, now extinct, also a result of the blast.

His apprentice and best friend was now dead.

So much death now hung on the shoulders of David Antilles, and the man Tobias had dreamed to be, became something he hated more than who he used to be.

It took Rii’A almost a whole week just to keep Tobias calm long enough to get him to talk about what he referred to as ‘The Christophsis Incident’, the news bulletins the Galactic Alliance put out were referring to it as a ‘Genocide caused by a mad Jedi’. This probably did nothing to soothe the burden of guilt on Tobias’ shoulders.

Tobias was in his quarters, his Jedi robes had been patched up and stitched back together, courtesy of Rii’A. He simply sat on his bed, arms behind his head, he looked at the ceiling. Rii’A’s boots clattered against the floor. But Tobias didn’t react, almost as if he never even heard her enter the room.

In her arms, Rii’A held two objects, a mat, and a pillow. Tossing them on the floor, Rii’A placed her gloved hands on her hips.”Comfortable?” She asked, her tone almost sarcastic.

Tobias didn’t answer, he just stared at the ceiling.

“I shall assume that you are comfortable.” Rii’A huffed as she adjusted the pillow on the mat.

“What are you doing here?” Tobias asked, he was curious, a bit irritated, but it wasn’t like he wasn’t happy to see Rii’A.

“I want to learn more about you.” She said plainly as she began to slip her gauntlets off, dropping them on the floor with a loud ‘clang’.” And, I figured you could use the company… is that going to be a problem?”

“I don’t sleep Rii’A.” Tobias stated plainly.

Rii’A began to undo the clasps on her body armor and slipped it off, like the gauntlets, it fell to the floor with a loud noise, she wore a plain blue long sleeved shirt underneath her body armor, and her hands were fair.”I’m aware, that’s why I’m here. I thought I might try and get you to sleep.” That was part of the reason.

The other part was that somehow, over the time she had known him, the fallen Jedi was starting to grow on her, there was something about him that attracted her. Perhaps it was because he was the only person to ever call her ‘beautiful’, maybe it was something about him that she couldn’t quite understand. But strangely, Rii’A almost felt feelings of love for the poor Jedi.

Rii’A’s intentions for coming to his quarters were indeed to try and calm Tobias and try to get him to sleep, but at the same time, Rii’A couldn’t help but feel part of the reason she came here was for her own feelings, and perhaps whether or not to confirm Tobias felt the same.

She stepped out of her boots, leaving them near the entrance as she picked up her discarded pieces of armor and placed them on a table, once again filling the room with the loud sound of metal banging against metal and hard materials.

Finally, Rii’A undid her braid, her golden hair flowing down almost to her mid back. She shook her head a bit to loosen it up as golden locks fluttered.

Tobias looked over to her, his arms tucked  and crossed behind his head.”If you’re going to sleep why don’t you just use the bed, I can lie on the mat for the night.” He didn’t use the word sleep, after all, why talk about an action he was incapable of doing.

“No, you need to be comfortable, if you’re going to sleep, it’s important that you have your rest on a proper bed for once.” Rii’A insisted, she slipped her socks off and then laid down on the mat in the middle of the floor as she let her bare feet breath in the chilled air of the barracks.

Tobias got up, adjusting his robes slightly he knelt down near the mat.”No, I insist you have the bed. I don’t need it.”

Rii’A sat up, and looked at him.”No, I insist.” She said, glaring back at him, he could be so stubborn sometimes.

“Get in that bed.” Tobias pointed to the bed behind him.

“Was that an order ‘Master Jedi’?” Rii’A challenged.

“Don’t call me that!” Tobias shouted.”Just get in the damned bed, I’m not going to sleep tonight no matter what you try.”

“Are you challenging me ‘Master Jedi’?” Rii’A took another verbal stab at him.

“If it’ll get you to sleep in that bed and to stop calling me that then yes! I—“ Tobias was immediately cut off by a hand gripping his collar and pulling him down.

Rii’A gripped him tightly as she pulled him off his feet and had him pinned to the floor in a matter of seconds.”Looks like you lose Tobias. Get to bed, now.”

Tobias stuggled for a moment, his arm pinned to his back, and Rii’A on top of him. He squirmed enough to jimmy his other arm loose, and then violently rolled over, now it was the opposite. Tobias had Rii’A pinned to the mat, though she still had a firm hold on his arm and collar.”Will you please, stop!” Tobias shouted.

Rii’A countered, being able to push him off of her, soon they were both on their feet, and grappling against each other in their competition of ‘who gets the bed’. Rii’A was strong, and agile, often being able to take Tobias to the floor and get him pinned, only for him to find a way out of her holds and able to turn the tables on her, she would do the same in a matter of seconds.

It was a continuous battle of counter after counter until eventually Rii’A had Tobias pinned to the bed.”Why Tobias? Why do you struggle! Why won’t you let anyone in!” Rii’A gasped, she was short on breath after the hassle the ex-Jedi had just caused her.

“Because I love you!” Tobias barked.

“What?” Rii’A stammered, her hold on his arms loosening from the shock of what he just admitted.

“I love you Rii’A, but I know that the moment I admit that, I also have to accept the reality of my situation! That I’m sick! That’s I’m dying, and that I won’t be able to enjoy my time with you because of the way my body is degrading on me.” He tried to look away.”And I don’t want to be the cause of more suffering, especially not to you. Not after everything you’ve done for me.”

Rii’A paused, trying to take in everything the Jedi was saying, yes, if they were to admit their feelings for each other, could they live with the fact that her time with Tobias would be short? Could she live with the fact that his rampant psychosis and decaying health would one day tear their relationship asunder? Did they even have a relationship? Granted, she had been spending more time with him…

“I’m sorry, I… I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable…” Tobias murmured, looking back up to the Lady knight, who’s cheeks had turned a shade of red.

“Do you… do you mean that?” She asked, sheepishly, a stark contrast to the firm tone she had been using on him earlier.

“Yes…” Tobias admitted.

It all happened in an instant, first there was a pause, then their lips connected in a kiss.

Tobias awoke the next morning, he and Rii’A were sprawled on the floor, he looked down, his lightsaber was on the floor, open, as if he were trying to put the mechanism back in. He looked over, Rii’A was still sound asleep on the mat with him. He frantically looked for the mechanism, stopping when he found the crystal and parts near him.

There was a pause, a brief sigh, and then he tied the crystal back around his neck again, and put the handle away.

For once, Tobias felt content.

Tales from the Logbook ~ The Tale of Tobias Flynn: Act I Part XI

The months that followed were, interesting to say the least.

Rii’A remembered that for the most part, the man who called himself ‘Tobias’ did virtually nothing, he couldn’t be convinced to get out of bed, he rarely ate, he would simply either lay in bed all day, or occasionally leave to wander the lands around the knight barracks.

Eventually, after hearing noises in the training grounds, Rii’A saw Tobias, with a training sword, and a sea of destroyed training droids.

Tobias was injured, gravely injured, and mentally unsound, he was not taking the right steps to recovery, and everything he did only seemed to worsen his conditions.

“Tobias stop!” Rii’A yelled as Tobias struck his sword against the remaining training droid.

The droid fell to pieces, and then so did Tobias’ sword arm. The brace inside of him had either been broken, or dislodged, either way, Tobias’ arm began to literally fall apart and hang distended in several areas. He growled in pain, dropping the sword and clutching his arm.

Rii’A rushed over, putting her arms around him and pulling him away from the crumbling droid. The woman, clad in her shining armor then pushed Tobias against the wall.”What are you doing!?” She yelled in his face, Rii’A was furious.”I thought you were a Jedi! I thought you had more sense than to push your limits like that! Your body can only handle so much punishment before you fall apart!”

“Leave me alone!” Tobias attempted to fight back, but he was weak, he was tired, and Rii’A kept him pinned to the wall.”I’m not a Jedi! Stop calling me that!”

Rii’A grit her teeth, her emerald eyes glaring into his brown eyes. He seemed so devoid of life, of purpose, he was wallowing in a pit of despair that she thought impossible for a Jedi. Could the tales of them have been wrong? The sight of the man in such a state only further angered Rii’A.

“It doesn’t matter anymore…” Tobias droned on, a listless look on his brow.”The Gamallians are extinct… Lyon is dead… The power of the force is slowly killing me… thousands of people died because of me… I’m a failure…my life has no meaning… maybe I deserve to die…”

Her hand encased in her gauntlet, she wound her right hand back, and slapped Tobias across his face. His false eye short circuited.

Tobias fell to the ground and tried to pick himself up, placing a hand on his cheek, a bit of blood trickling down his lip as he looked up at Rii’A.”How dare you!” Rii’A growled.”How dare you say your life has no meaning! How dare you give up and die! You’re a man! A Jedi! A proud warrior! A hero!”

“Heroes only wind up in hospital beds or six feet underground, Lady Knight!” Tobias barked back.

“Would you forsake all the people who fell in battle! Or would you carry on to try and give their death’s meaning!” Rii’A countered.” What would Lyon say if he saw you now!”

Tobias stopped, he looked at her, looked down at himself, then gripped at his broken arm, grunting from the shear pain of the bone falling apart all over again.

Rii’A bent down, and once again, much like at the medical center, embraced him.”Live Tobias, live, live for Lyon, for the Gamallians, for those who fell on the battlefield… You have so much to live for.”

“I’m sorry…” Tobias mumbled, groaning in pain.

It wouldn’t be until another month later that Rii’A would soon discover Tobias once again in the training grounds. His mind and health hadn’t changed, as far as she could tell, though his coloring was wrong, but somehow, he seemed, better, than when she had seen him here last. “Tobias…?” Rii’A tried to get his attention.

Tobias turned around, looked at her. His arm brace had been repaired, and so had his eye.”Lady knight?”

“Rii’A, please, call me Rii’A.” She insisted.

“Rii’A.” Tobias repeated.”What can I do for you?”

Rii’A walked in, her armor clattering with each step. She soon noticed the handle at his hip, the Lightsaber, a weapon of the Jedi.”That handle on your belt? Does it still work?”

“No.” Tobias said, after a long pause.”It is broken, like me, it no longer functions…”

“I see…” Rii’A looked down, she then eyed the crystal, tied around his neck.”And that jewel?”

“It was part of the ignition mechanism…” Tobias replied.”It broke, a long time ago…”

“Can you… can you still use a sword?” Rii’A asked.

“Why?” Tobias asked, his voice wrought with suspicion.

“Please, I don’t mean to put you on edge.” Rii’A raised her hands as she slowly approached the former Jedi.”I did not come to ask you to fight, I know you are through with fighting.”

“Then what do you want?” Tobias glared at her.

“I am fairly proficient with a blade, all the lady knights are trained in sword play, but I can always improve… I thought you might be able to teach me some of your techniques?” She asked.

“You want me?” Tobias asked, his angry and suspicious demeanor changing to a more calm one.”You want me to train you?”

“Yes, please.” Rii’A said.

Tobias paused, letting out a heavy sigh and scratching his head.

After a moment, Tobias tore a piece of cloth from his sleeve, and tied his hair back, his long brown hair had grown some since he had awakened, it was at least down to his mid-back. His bangs still covered the sides of his head.”Not here.” Tobias said.

“But, why not?” Rii’A asked.”Is the training area not suitable to you?”

“No, I just want to train elsewhere.” Tobias said, picking up two training swords and starting towards the exit.

For a while, the two walked, their path illuminated by the two moons that hung over this world. Their walk was silent, save for the clattering of Rii’A’s armor, and the sound of Tobias whistling an unfamiliar tune. Whether it was one he had heard in his travels, or something he had been taught, Rii’A didn’t like it, the tune was awful and confusing, almost as if Tobias were making it up as he went along.

Their silent walk soon gained some noise, Tobias had brought them to a river.

“We’ll train here.” He turned, and tossed her a training sword.

Rii’A caught it, examined it, making sure there were no imperfections in the blade or the mechanism.

These training swords were designed to feel as heavy and strong as their actual electro swords, the blades themselves were blunt and possessed a stun feature that delivered a minor shock with each hit.

Rii’A undid her belt, casting it aside with her actual sword and utility packs.”What would you have me do?” She asked.

Tobias turned to her, and held his own training blade up, and pointed it at her.”Attack me. Show me what a Lady knight is capable of.”

“Excuse me?” Rii’a said confused.

“Too slow!” Tobias rushed at her.

He swung the sword at her, Rii’A’s reflexes were fast enough to block most of his hits, but she felt the sharp sting of the electricity touch against her as he tapped her biceps, the only part of her arms not covered in armor. Tobias and Rii’A continued to trade blows, little fizzles of electricity sparking with each hit, each clash of blades, each touch against the other person’s body.

“Tell me! Why become a knight!” Tobias asked, swinging at her again.

Rii’A blocked, countering his strike and attempting to strike his leg.” To fight! To protect the weak! To serve and protect the people and my home! I believe in all the tenets of knighthood, in honor and chivalry!”

“How naïve!” Tobias responded, blocking her strike and shoving her back.”Those are the beliefs of a child caught in some fantasy!”

“And how would you know!” Rii’A argued, moving to strike him again, shaking off the push.

“Because I believed in them too once!” Tobias yelled.

Rii’A stopped.”What?”

“I believed in knighthood once! I believed in heroes! I wanted to save people! For people to forget the person I used to be and look on me and think of me as a Jedi hero! I dedicated my life to serving the people! But Jedi were only convenient when we served the politicians! When it was convenient for the people, they sold us out, they purged us, sold us to the enemy, executed us! To the people who we thought looked to us for guidance and protectiong, we were expendable!” Tobias pointed his sword at her.”Christophsis taught me that lesson the hard way!”

Rii’A prepared herself, Tobias charged at her.

“There are no heroes! Only dead people who thought they were doing the right thing! Such delusions only lead to suffering! The sad reality is is that no matter how hard you try, no matter how strong you get, you can never save everyone! And in my case! I failed to save anyone!”

As Tobias swung at her, Rii’A began to spy his movements, she knew how he was going to move and where he was going to strike before he would land his hit. She had been studying on Jedi sword techniques, and knew just what he was doing.

Rushing in, Rii’A caught his arms, they were locked now. A tie, both swords pointed at each other.”Tobias… I am so sorry you had your dreams crushed so cruely. But you’re wrong.” She looked him in the eyes.”Heroes are real, they accept the burdens no one can bear, they press on in the face of adversity, and they are willing to make sacrifices of themselves for the good of those they are sworn to protect.”

Rii’A took hold of his hands, causing him to let go of his stun saber. She dropped hers to. She lowered his hands down, she cupped them in both her gauntlet covered hands and continued to stare at him. It was almost as if through his stories, Rii’A had met the real Tobias Flynn. She realized her words had struck a chord with him, that he truly believed the same things she believed. “You see Tobias, you already were a hero, you just never realized it.”

Despite who he was, or who he still was, the fact remained, the man Tobias used to be was hurt, he wasn’t gone thought, he was still there, in the depths of Tobias’ fractured psyche. Tobias blinked, his face growing read as he felt her hold his hands.”… you’re so beautiful.” He said, almost astonished.

Rii’A blinked, then let go of his hands, stepping back.”Excuse me?”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, I…” Tobias stammered, scratching his head again and looking away, embarrassed.

“No one has ever called me that before.” Rii’A interrupted him, a blush on her face, but at the same time, her lips had curled in a smile.

She rubbed the side of her head.”Thank you Tobias…”


Happy Star Wars Day!


Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars Day!

I remember the memos from 20th Century Fox, ‘Can you put a pair of lederhosen on the Wookiee?’ All they could think of was, ‘This character has no pants on!’ This went back and forth. They did sketches of him in culottes and baggy shorts…Of all the things to worry about; the Wookiee has no pants.


May the 4th be with you!

Happy Star Wars day!