Tobias Flynn
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Oh. Turning around to actually face Tobias, now she spots the ship. “Really.”

It was childish. It was also Tobias’s problem, or, had been.


"Um, yeah, it was like that when I got here."More like he had crashed it rather than park it.


Eryn smiled, watching Tobias for a moment, “Only one is blind to the positive outcomes of any given situation.” The other took things in stride, adjusting for survival.


"Looks like I still have a lot to learn." Tobias smirked, leaning back against the wall.



"So you have no idea, huh?" It really shouldn’t be that hard to track down grips.

"Nope, no idea why there’s a burning ship behind me." Was she really buying his childish cover up?



"Have you seen a lightsaber grip anywhere?"

"Before you ask… it wasn’t me."


"There’s a difference." Of that much, she was sure of.


"I’m not that bright, you might have to explain it to me." He admits, not really embarrassed to admit his shortcomings.

Tales from the Logbook ~ The Tale of Tobias Flynn - Act I Part VI

The rain pelted him as he stood on the bridge.

His hood was down.

His hair, soaked, clung to the skin on his face.

His hands gripped his weapons

His quarry before him.

With but a word, several crimson blades burst forth from the darkness and swarmed him.

He fought back.

He gave them pain.

He fought on.

He is deep in another battle.

His friend is gone.

His injuries claw at him.

His bones are breaking.

His vision is fading.

His rage is great.

His enemies before him.

He was soaked in their blood.

He gave them pain.

He fought on.

His fury is blinding.

His reason is gone.

His pain is before him.

He silences it.

He fought on.

He fought on.

He fought on.

He fought on.

Tobias awoke in a cold sweat, he looked around, the room itself had been torn apart, not that it made much of a difference from its usual unkempt appearance.

The only thing that remained untouched was Cody, who was still fast asleep in the chair.

Tobias flinched, feeling a weight in both his hands, and something missing from around his neck, he looked down.

In one hand, he held the handle, the lightsaber handle once pristine and shining, now covered in rust and scrapes and wrapping, a noble weapon damaged and broken held together by mere bandaging.

In his other hand, he felt something sharp as his grip on it loosened and his hand began to bleed. He held in his hand a small blue rock, tied together by string.

Some of his blood was on the rock, having torn through the glove on his hand and dug into his flesh and cut him. Tobias fell to the floor, slumping his back up against the wall as he dropped the lightsaber handle to the floor and pressed his hands to his face.

His breath was heavy, and his self loathing was tearing at him as he felt pain coursing through his very being, feeling as if his own body was turning against him.

He took another look at the blue stone, blood dripped off of it as he soon tied the string back around his neck, and hid the stone in his robes. He wanted so desperately to cry, to let his emotions run wild, to justify why he hated himself so much.

Instead, he tucked the lightsaber back in his belt, and grabbed another bottle, proceeding to drink again, and pass out from the drunken stupor. His self loathing thoughts soon turned to nothing as he closed his eyes and slumped over, the remaining brandy spilling from the bottle onto the floor.